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Health Information Management - AAS

This program provides instruction and clinical experience to assist in developing the technical skills necessary to become health information technicians. Health information technicians are responsible for the preparation, coordination, security and maintenance of health records in a variety of health-care settings. A good background in English, biological sciences, as well as an aptitude for detail, will help students achieve success. Courses leading to this degree are offered on campus and online.


Each time a patient sees a health care practitioner, the health care practitioner records information, including observations, medical test results, the diagnosis and any plans for treatment. Health information technicians (HITs) organize and evaluate these records for completeness and accuracy. HITs are responsible for ensuring that all the necessary information is included in patient records, whether paper or computer. Sometimes, the technician speaks with physicians to clarify a diagnosis or to gather additional information. Technicians assign codes to each diagnosis and procedure by consulting classification manuals as well as using their knowledge of disease processes. These codes ultimately determine the payment that health care organizations receive from insurance programs and Medicare. HITs also use computers to tabulate and analyze data to help improve patient care, control costs, research legal actions and may be privacy officers. Duties vary with the size of each facility. In large facilities, technicians may specialize in one area of health information or supervise health information employees. In small facilities, the technician may perform a wide variety of tasks in the health information department.


Commission on the Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM)
233 N. Michigan Ave, 21st Floor
Chicago, IL 60601-5800

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